Miki Noodles

Miki noodles is not just like the normal type of noodles. It is made by wheat and has a straight cut noodles that is softer and more elastic whilst other noodles are harder and chewier in bite which makes ours more worthy. It is also made in  quality raw materials that make this noodles palatable. You will not be easily fed-up with this miki noodles because it has variant flavors such as malunggay,  jute mallow, squash and dragon fruit. This flavors will make you want to taste every single one of it. The advantage of miki noodle product is you can give it to your relatives or friends abroad for it could last for 3-4 days on Fresh miki noodles and 6-7 days on Dried miki noodles. It is also very easy to cook. And our products are also good for reselling, for stores and for carinderias because of its good packaging. Miki is a favorite noodles merienda for Ilocanos. That’s why we came up with an idea to make it more interesting by producing a miki noodles with flavors. Our miki is not just for merienda, you can have it any time of the day. If you missed breakfast, this is the answer. But beware because if you have this before lunch, because of its fullness you might also miss lunch. <

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