Company History

Mrs. Simeona “Saning” Villa

The Founder

It was Mrs. Saning’s life-long aspiration to one day see all her three children graduate from college. Being the sole provider for her family, she decided to take the risk of starting a business with this vision in mind.

While traveling in regions two and three, Mrs. Saning got the chance to visit several noodle factories. Here, she learned about the different variation of products and design, product promotion, and marketing. Learning there encouraged her to start her own business, which in known today as ‘Golda’s Noodle Manufacturing’.

Mrs. Saning  Villa was one of the lucky ones to get an easy headstart  with her business with the help of Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Science and Technology through different trainings and seminars that helps improvement to their business.

During the first three months, Golda’s Noodle Manufacturing encountered so many wastes and losses. This is mainly due to the fact that none of their noodle products were selling. Their suppliers from the public market kept returning their noodles because people preferred the products of three more known and established noodle factories who were supplying in the area.

Instead of giving up, Mrs. Saning saw this challenge as an opportunity to grow and develop their products. She took the problem in her own hands and started to think of ways to scale up her products to stand out from the competitors. She then started to research and plan for different product development strategies. Her efforts yielded products that were fresh and new in the market such as pancit that could last for 3-4 days, dried miki noodles that can last longer than 6 months, and pancit canton and miki noodles with vegetables variants such as malunggay, squash, jute and monggo.

To market her new and improved products, Mrs. Saning joined different trade fairs sponsored by DTI and DOST in Ilocos Region. Through these, her products garnered the attention of more and more people. Her active participation in the regional trade fairs also get her invited to attend national trade fairs.

Today, Golda’s Noodle Manufacturing produces noodles with an average of 8-12 sacks of flour each day, except during fiestas, holidays, and special occasion wherein they produce even more.

Mrs. Saning continues to dream big for her business. In the future, she aims to be able to expand her market Luzon to the other parts of the Philippines. One day, she also wishes to be able to export her products to other countries.

“Above all, be greateful for all the challenges that come your way in doing the business. Learn and appreciate every detail of your work to be successful.”

words of wisdom from Mrs. Saning