Miki Noodles Recipe

Miki Noodles Recipe. The popular merienda noodle dish of Ilocos. This Ilocos style of Miki noodle soup is made with miki noodles and annato powder with boiled egg (special) and is topped with bagnet (chicharon). Ingredients 2 tablespoons cooking oil 4 cloves of garlic and crushed 8 cups chicken stock, (or 2 chicken cubes to […]

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Miki Noodles

Miki noodles is not just like the normal type of noodles. It is made by wheat and has a straight cut noodles that is softer and more elastic whilst other noodles are harder and chewier in bite which makes ours more worthy. It is also made inĀ  quality raw materials that make this noodles palatable. […]

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